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Procuction System

At TOHO, our home factory is where it all began, and where we keep all our accumulated technology and know-how. We have established a highly efficient and low-cost production system that makes use of heuristics to demonstrate stable productivity. We have earned the trust of leading Japanese manufacturers, including the refrigeration and HVAC equipment industry.

The Shizuoka Factory, our core production base, has state-of-the-art equipment installed with a variety of specialized pieces of machinery to achieve high productivity. In addition, we have a large number of talented people possessing outstanding techniques, allowing us to establish a system that can appropriately respond to diverse and specific needs even with mass production.

▶Factory Outline
  • Head Office Factory
  • Land Area780㎡
  • Floor Area1,584㎡
  • Shizuoka Factory
  • Land Area10,462㎡
  • Floor Area3,140㎡
▶Major Equipment
  • Automatic Lathes
  • ・Multi-spindle type (machining capacity diameter: 42)
  • ・Multi-spindle type (machining capacity diameter: 32)
  • ・Multi-spindle type (machining capacity diameter: 26)
  • ・Multi-spindle CNC type (machining capacity diameter: 25〜42)
  • ・CNC type (machining capacity diameter: 51)
  • ・CNC type (machining capacity diameter: 42)
  • ・CNC type (machining capacity diameter: 34)
  • ・CNC type (machining capacity diameter: 20)
  • ・Single-spindle type
  • NC Bench Lathes
  • Bench Lathes
  • Milling Machines
  • Bench Borers
  • Automatic Drilling Machines
  • Tap Lathes
  • Automatic Washers
  • Other Auxiliary Machines
TOHO is not only doing business in Japan but expanding overseas as well. Our Thai factory, which is our base of operations in Southeast Asia, brings together our know-how in technology, production, and quality management created in Japan, with a view to expanding around the world.

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